Maintenance and Caution
Maintenance, Inspection and Cleaning
To keep the tank clean and ensure its safe use, please perform the following inspection and maintenance work.
SAMSUNG GRP Tanks are designed and manufactured for long-term service. Maintenance and inspection must be conducted to secure hygienic and long life.To facilitate easy and safe maintenance and inspection, a proper space must be secured around water tanks.
Cleaning inside the tank Once a year Use cloth, sponge or other soft material.
Never use hard materials, such as wire brush or the surface of the GRP will be scratched.
Looseness of the bolts Once every six months Retighten any loose bolts.
Clogging of air - vent
and overflow
Once a mont Check the air - vent, overflow and the other parts for clogging.
Remove any trapped foreign matters.
Manhole cover Once a mont Make sure that the manhole cover is completely shut.
Always keep the
manhole cover locked.
Turbid water Once a mont Check the inner parts of the tank, the
outlet and the other places for turbid water.
Water leakage and
deformation of the
Once a mont If the tank leaks or deformed immediately contact the local sales representatives.
Internal & external
pressure other than
hydrostatic pressure.
Once a mont If any pressure other than hydrostatic pressure applied to the tank,
immediately return the tank to its normal state.
Whenever earthquake, typhoon, fire, water failure, water reduction, turbid water or other accident occurs, check the tank or call our representative.
If the tank water is not used for long period of time (due to summer vacation of schools, long term holydays, or for some other reason) discharge the stored water before re-use.(Due to constant R&D specifications are not subject to change, please refer to our marketing department for latest update.)
Sectional GRP Water Tank Installation and Caution
Installation Extent
1.Base Concrete PAD
Customers are requested to make base concrete according to the designed specifications and the strength of the site.
Anchor bolts are to be fixed by our agents.
The required strength of the base concrete must be at least 180kg/cm2.
The thickness of mortar on the base concrete must not exceed 20mm.
2.The Extent of Installation Work
If the customer designates the size of sockets for plumbing, our agents will install the sockets.
After the sockets are in place, the plumbing and heat insulation must be done by customer.
3.Installation Space
It is recommended to leave a space of 600mm in each direction from the tank for maintenance.
1. Transportation
Do not place heavy loads or force on the panels during the transportation. Those parts that are touched with rope or other cargo must be cushioned.
2. Pipe Installation
Be careful not to put any heavy weight on the pipes that are connected to the fitting.
Pipe installation must be started from the water tank side and be careful not to put unbalanced weight on the fitting.
Take precautions to avoid fire or other occurrences / accidents while welding.
3. Maintenance
If it is not used for a long time, be sure to drain the water from the tank.
As the tank is a reservoir of water for consumption by people, regular inspection should be done for safety (more than twice a year)
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