Internally Reinforced
Internally Reinforced System
- It is possible that various capacity's design and flexible space should be used by GRP panels standardized
- Excellent watertightness, hygienic conditions and non-leakage applied internally reinforced stay(Stainless)
Name Material No. Name Material
1. Manhole panel GRP 11. Roof support pipe GRP
2. External ladder SS41(HDG) 12. Base frame SS41 (HDG)
3. Internal ladder GRP 13. Bolts and Nuts Inside:STS304 or 316, Zinc Plated+PVC cap(Roof Panel)
4. Internal Tie Rod STS 304(PET tube coating) or STS 316 Outside : Zinc Plated Steel + PVC cap
5. Internal bracket STS 304(epoxy coating) or STS 316 Connection : Rubber Cap + Zinc Plated
6. External reinforced bar SS41(HDG) Size : M10,12,14
7. External bracket SS41(HDG, Fixing cross part) 14. Sealing Tape EVA or PVC Foam
(Maintain water_proof with flexibility)
8. Corner bracket SS41(HDG) 15. Water inspection window GRP
9. Bottom bracket SS41(HDG) 16. Panel GRP
10. Corner frame SS41(HDG) * STS 316 Option Item
Features of Internally Reinforced System
Excellent Hygienic Conditions
Minimized rust appearance of roof-sectional stainless parts inner Water Tank in accordance with basical options that are internally reinforced stays and brackets with epoxy coating.
Prevented rust appearance of Chlorine Gas through the assembly bolts added bolt-caps of roof section inner Water Tank
Outstanding View
Prevented white peril or rust appearance through external assembly bolts added bolt-caps of Water Tank, and outstanding view
Easy to Assembly
Easy to assembly through internal and external optimized options of reinforced system.
Best Structure Stability
internally Reinforced System is verified structure stability of water tanks which have built in domestic and international sites for years.
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